Starting Discipleship in Your Lifegroup

Tips and best practices on how to get discipleship stated in your Lifegroup.

Tips on how to get discipleship started in your Lifegroup

  1. Engage your entire Lifegroup in the conversation.
  2. Decide if you are going to allow everyone to choose their own discipleship groups or if you, as the Lifegroup leader, are going to assign people to “D-groups.”
  3. Help your Lifegroup set rhythms and expectations for discipleship groups.
  4. You can use Up, In and Out as a tool to help your group engage in accountability, vulnerability, biblical challenge and prayer.
    • Look Up — we pray and listen to God together and discuss how things are going in our relationship with God.
    • Look In — we get vulnerable with our discipleship group, repent of sin, ask for accountability and accept counsel from our D-group.
    • Look Out — we talk about how we are relating to those around us (spouse, family, friends) and also encourage one another to be intentional about connecting with people who do not know Jesus.