We are so glad that you are partnering with us in ministry at Antioch. As a Lifegroup leader, you will find a variety of training videos on this page. These videos are intended to support you as a Lifegroup leader. We desire to provide meaningful support to Lifegroup leaders so that you are equipped to lead a healthy small group community.
We have organized the videos into five sections: New Leader Training, Encounter, Disciple, Mission and Pastoral Care.

Please watch the videos included on this page as further training in leading a healthy Lifegroup.

New Leader Training

Basic Lifegroup Roadmap

Sharing the Load of Leadership

Kids in Lifegroup Part 1

Kids in Lifegroup Part 2


Facilitating Worship in Lifegroup

How to Integrate the Bible into Lifegroup

Encountering God through Prayer and the Prophetic in Lifegroup

Incorporating Prophecy into Lifegroup

Facilitating the Ministry of the Holy Spirit in Lifegroup


The Discipleship Quadrant

Starting Discipleship in Your Lifegroup

Including the Holy Spirit in Lifegroup

Spiritual Formation


Kingdom Culture at Antioch

Cultivating a Culture of Serving in Lifegroup

Catalyzing Mission in Your Lifegroup

Leading Your Lifegroup to Share the Gospel

Pastoral Care

Pastoring Your People Part 1

Pastoring Your People Part 2